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Last week I was chatting with a girlfriend and she said, “Since we ended our group Bible study, I had no idea what to study today in my personal Bible study time.” I smiled because that very same morning I had the exact same thought:

Ok, Lord, what is next?

We have just completed a deep dive into the Book of Exodus at church and here at Girlfriends’ Guide to the Bible we studied Habakkuk. But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study on my own before we start a couple of new studies this summer. I am in between ‘studies’ and need a little direction on what to do next. Maybe you are asking the same questions. You look at the Bible and wonder what comes next?

7 Ideas to get You Moving in the Right Direction

  1. Go back – you can glean by simply going back over what you have studied. 
    1. Review your notes
    2. Re-read a passage that encouraged your heart.
    3. Transfer notes from a Bible study notebook to your Bible.
  2. Read through the Psalms.
    1. I love the Psalms because they are deeply personal and praise focused.
    2. The language in Psalms is different than many of the books in the Bible and this may be a good change of pace for you.
  3. If you have been in the New Testament go to the Old Testament and vice-versa.
  4. Focus on the Names of God. Start with Jehovah.
  5. Do a Word study – pick a word and chase it though the entire Bible.
  6. Do a side study
    1. Often when we are in one study, a topic or theme shows up we would like to study but we don’t have time.
    2. Keep a running list of studies you would like to do and go to that and pick one.
  7. Choose a devotional
    1. I use devotionals from time to time. They have their place and can often fill in gaps to our more structured Bible study time.
    2. Let the devotional be a spring board to deeper study.
      1. Look up the verse referenced.
      2. Read it in context.
      3. Define the key words in the verse.
      4. Pray the verse aloud.
      5. Write down the verse and let the verse be written on your heart throughout the day.
      6. Share it with a friend!

The last thing we want to do is allow our indecision to lead us to distraction and choose something that will not minister to our deep level need of intimacy with Christ. It is easy to pick up our phones and cruise Instagram instead of diving into the Word.

Let’s choose the best. Let’s choose God’s Word over everything else. 

Looking forward,


P.S. If you are new around here, check out our Membership Community. We have several studies in our archives for you to start today. (One on Hebrews and a topical study on Worship to name a couple). We have 3 Bible Study sessions each year. Join us! 

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