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(Disclosure: This post contains hyperlinks for items you might wish to purchase. When you click through and make a purchase, at not cost to you, my ministry receives a small compensation. The companies listed below have not asked me to promote their products, I just love them do it because I think you will love them too! Thanks! ) 

Being a student of the Word requires using a Bible that you enjoy opening and using every day. It may sound basic, but if you don’t love your actual physical Bible, you might find excuses to open other books first.

Here are my current top favorite Bibles and why I love them:

  1. The ESV Leather Journaling Bible: 
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    I saved my money and waited for this Bible to go on sale.The retail price is NOT cheap. I have not bought a Bible like this in about 25 years. So I think it is totally worth it. I like it because it has one large column on the page and lines to right notes on the side. As you can see, I’m not the most “artistic” but I love keeping a record of what I’m learning alongside the text I’m studying. I also love this Bible because it has a soft leather cover and a tie that you can “wrap” up the Bible in. It keeps the pages protected when I toss it in my bag for church.You can find it here. 
  2. Large Print ESV Bible: When I speak I need to be able to see and read text easily. My friend Erin bought this ESV Large Print Thinline Bible for me and I LOVE it. Not only is lightweight, I can actually read it when I’m teaching. The print is clear. IF I’m being honest, I’m using it more and more during Bible study as well because of these same reasons. It also doesn’t have any notes or commentary so that keeps the bible on the smaller side. There isn’t a ton of margin to write in but you can underline and highlight!    Check it out here.  
  3. (in)Courage Devotional Bible: 
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My friends at (in)courage have partnered with Lifeway to bring you a Devotional Bible you will love. In addition to the CSB (Christian Standard Bible Translation), this Bible uniquely traces 10 themes (such as “The Scared Brave”, “Better Together”, “Daily Grace”, and “Beautiful Brokenness”). Each “theme” is given a unique color and pattern so you can find it easily.  The themes also include devotions, and “Women of Courage” profiles, as well as two beautifully designed Scripture verses (one from the Old Testament and one from the New) you will encounter along the way. Every book of the Bible has a thoughtful and accurate introduction as well as key verses for reflection and journaling space below the text.

Playing a Small Role:

A couple of years ago as (in)courage was planning and designing their Bible, I was approached to be one of the 122 women who provided some of the devotional content. I was so honored to be part of this project. I wrote one of the 52 reflective Devotions on Esther as well as a couple of other smaller stories along the way. When I received my copy recently I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

You can find the New (in)courage devotional Bible at  Dayspring (they are always having great sales) or at Amazon.

4.  She Reads Truth Bible: 

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This Bible has it all. Great study notes, beautiful illustrations, and it comes in gorgeous color options. I wanted one of these immediately because I love how this ministry encourages women (men and children) to be IN the WORD daily. But, I had just purchased my ESV Journaling Bible when it became available. Much to my delight, a while ago a good friend of mine sent me her hardback copy because she replaced it with a leather bound version. I love having this Bible nearby and use it whenever I can. I’m linking to the one I have, but you can get all sorts of colors and covers!

Find it here.

5. The Jesus Storybook Bible:

If you were to ask me my #1 favorite Bible on this list it might surprise you that THIS children’s Bible is probably it for many reasons. Written by Sally Lloyd Jones, I think why I love it so much is that the story of God’s love for you is enough. Every time I read this Bible to my girls, I end up having a moment of worship. I often cry because God loves us and pursues us every single day. Do yourself a favor and grab this Bible. They now have an “grown-up” version but I like the original.

Find it here.  

Of course there are online options as well for you to use as you study God’s Word as well. I use those too. They are always with you on-the-go and can be great to use during study group to pull up a note and share as well.

I’d love to hear from you what Bible you are loving. Also, I have written about my favorite Bible Study Tools as well. You can find that post right here.

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